We are committed to carry a message of hope and at the same time motivate as many people as possible to show solidarity towards the most needy people in our society . Through our products and events, we aim to unite different communities to achieve a common good.


packing Meals for

the hungry: Venezuela

Proximo evento:

15 agosto, 8 pm.

Bingo Virtual

desde mayo 24 2018

615.000 comidas enviadas y distribuidas

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Somos una Fundación 501 (c) 3 sin fines de lucros.

Cada $1 provee alimentos a

10 personas

100% de su aporte es usada para este fin

  • Cada empaque contiene lentejas, arroz blanco, vegetales dishidratados y sal.

  • Listo para ser cocinados por 30 minutos y ser consumidos.

  • Cada bolsita sirve 6 porciones.

  • excelente valor nutricional para niños y adultos

Board Game

We love to share the word of God, through this game we want to bring the beauty and wisdom of the bible to all possible homes. The game was created in a way that no matter the bible knowledge you have, everyone can still play the game the same way. All proceeds from its sale are used to support charitable projects.

All proceeds of our products will go to fund charity  projects

Family Board Game

 As never before you will have the opportunity to learn the word of God in a unique and entertaining way

It's not how much you know about the Bible, it's about understanding how much God loves you.



What a good reason to gather as a family, to entertain and learn from the Word of God.

Oswald P. / Orlando, FL

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407 879 3235

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Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8

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Donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. 

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